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CAD File



Harness the power of Matterport scans. Transform your spatial data into a 2D CAD file in .DWG format.

Pricing Estimates

You will be given the option to include one or all of the following product scopes:

  • Architecture includes visible walls, floors, doors, columns, ceilings, windows, bathroom fixtures, stairs, roofs.

  • Interior Furniture includes visible desks, tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs, seating, appliances, kitchen elements and some wall fixtures.

  • Electrical elements including; power / data outlets, lighting fixtures / switches, alarms, etc., based on the scan point cloud.

  • Architecture, interior furniture, & electrical elements including all the elements mentioned above.

Please refer to this link for a detailed breakdown of elements and layers included in each file.

Our standard offering is only available for spaces up to 125,000 ft² (11,610 m²). Price estimate may change once final square footage is calculated during CAD File creation.

Please note that for more advanced Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing elements it is recommended that our customers consider the BIM file service to provide complex systems as more suitable 3D assets.

Based on estimated size of 2,042 square feet for this space, estimated processing time and price is as follows:


Processing Times

Business Days

Estimated price





Architecture and Interior Furniture

(includes Architecture)



Architecture and Electrical

(includes Architecture)



Architecture, Interior Furniture, and Electrical

(includes Architecture)



  • Orders can take up to 8 business days to be delivered.

  • All CAD Files are delivered as AutoCAD 2020 .DWG format files

  • All room labels are in English

  • CAD Files are unavailable for Spaces over 125k ft² (11,610 m²).

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